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Surveillance is used in almost every investigation to try and get evidence. We offer the highest level of operational excellence and all of our surveillance operatives are expertly trained.

We custom design operations to meet your surveillance needs and is commonly deployed when investigating personal injury claims, insurance fraud, theft in the workplace and divorce cases to select a few.

Our team handles operations from single person surveillance to large group surveillance and even counter surveillance operations.
Static Observations & Mobile Surveillance:

This type of surveillance is effective but inherits obstacles such as the unpredictable nature of traffic. The are no guarantee's that contact with the subject can be maintained as we cannot predict traffic flow, traffic conditions, weather or other unforeseen problems.

We operate inside the law and in some cases privacy and private property laws restrict us from continual surveillance. Static observation and mobile surveillance is conducted by trained professionals to the highest professional standard, we in no circumstances comprise on breaking the law or endangering lives.

Covert Operations:

Covert operations are used when you don't want to alert your target to the investigation placed on them. A covert approach maybe used if traditional surveillance methods do not seem effective. We can covertly infiltrate and investigate without raising suspicion or causing any disruption outside of normal activity.

Vehicle Tracking:

Covertly track the location of a vehicle, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have the very latest covert vehicle tracking capability ready, with immediate notice, to deploy anywhere in the UK. The system is a high grade covert secure system that is used by most Police and Security Forces within the UK and Europe. It requires no hard wiring on installation and does not require the internet for monitoring.

The system, which is small approximately the size of a small packet of cigarettes, can be secured to any vehicle magnetically and can remain in place indefinitely. Its own power source can deliver 21 days of use before requiring a battery change. The unit stores information of the vehicles exact location.