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Forensic investigation requires trained personnel with the correct equipment. With our experience in forensics we can find the evidence you need. Forensics is a broad sector from investigating technology equipment to examining crime scenes to find evidence.

When building criminal cases, evidence is key to any conviction. Our experienced team use the technology and skills available to them to find the facts. Forensics are not only used in criminal proceeding but can be used by businesses to test drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

We also use forensic DNA testing for private paternity issues to determine a relationship between individuals.

Our wide range of forensic services cover the following:

Computer Investigation

Mobile Telephone Evidence

DNA Testing



Audio Voice, Video Tape Transcription & Enhancement

Facial Mapping

Crime Scene Examination

Alcohol & Drug Testing

Forensics seem extremely complicated and a tool that only the police would use for large scale criminal investigations but here are a few example how easy it can be to obtain evidence you require simply.

Mobile Phone Forensics:

Mobile phone forensics is the retrieval and examination of data found on mobile phones. Information that can be retrieved from a phone include contact lists SMS messages, address books, call logs and location information stored on SIM/USIM cards and memory cards.

This could be used within a business organisation when investigating an employee suspected of breaching their contract or acting unlawfully.

Paternity DNA Testing:

DNA paternity testing is used to determine the relationship between two individuals. Taking a DNA sample is a simple non-invasive safe procedure that only takes a few minutes. The sample is sent to the processing laboratory which extracts the DNA to prepare a DNA profile. The profiles are compared to establish whether there is a relationship between people. It is an extremely accurate process.

Drug & Alcohol Test In The Workplace:

Alcohol abuse in the workplace costs the UK around £2 billion each year with drug abuse an estimated £800 million. As part of a companies employment regulations staff should be informed that are liable to be randomly tested for drug & alcohol abuse. We can provide and conduct on site oral fluid screening devices which can detect up to four classes of drugs.