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Corporate Intelligence
In the competitive commercial market, it is important to prepare your company to avoid disastrous consequences. Corporations have suffered severe losses and collapsed due to making misinformed decisions or traded outside of the law. With the correct information many casualties could have been averted.

Our expertise in corporate intelligence enables us to give your business protection from common problems faced in organisations and provide you with the correct information when making decisions.

With the increase of internal theft, staff sicknesses, anti-competitor trading and poor business practices the demand for corporate intelligence has become extremely high.

Using our expert team, we have developed our corporate intelligence services to help protect your business and its asset. Our strong knowledge helps corporations build secure foundations to grow their commercial activities.

Internal Fraud & Theft -
Fraud and theft is a very common problem in businesses but we can help eradicate these issues.

Evaluation Of Internal Controls & Accounting Systems - We can analyse your internal controls and accounting systems to make sure there aren't any loopholes and that each process is running at it's full potential.

Misappropriation Of Information & Corporate Espionage -
Protecting your internal operations is vital, using our experts we work to prevent misappropriation of sensitive information and to stop corporate espionage.

Anti - Competitor Trading -
Trading inside the law is a must of any business, so we ensure you are trading inside regulations offering advice and support. If you suspect your competitors are trading illegally we can help you get the facts.

Electronic De-Bugging Sweeps -
Our team ensure your working environment is safe with our de-bugging sweeps.

Copyright, Patents & Trademark Infringement -
We advise on any infringements of the law and work to protect your investment.

Product Counterfeiting - Before committing investment and resources to your new idea, we analyse its feasibility to make sure your new product is new already in the market. We can also work to help protect your product from being counterfeited.

Computer Misuse & Fraud - With many companies issuing computer equipment to staff, we keep your business inside the law and prevent computer misuse and fraud by staff.

Potential Employee Screening - We screen and background check any individual you are thinking of employing to give you peace of mind.

Security Surveys - Our team investigate your premises and communications systems to protect your company from any security issues.

All of our services are undertaken in the strictest of confidence and we operate inside of the law. If you are interested in any of our work please feel free to contact us for a consultation.