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Financial Investigations
When dealing with financial matters it can be highly complicated and in some cases a delicate situation. We are experienced in managing financial investigations and handling all aspects of financial matters.

Our financial investigations are designed to assist companies in the financial industry with bad debtors, advise businesses seeking internal financial analysis and handle private financial disputes. With our investigation we can help assist with any civil financial claims.

Using our experienced team, we undertake all financial investigations in the strictest of confidence.
Every investigation is different we assist financial institutions and businesses with the following services:

Locating People, Property & Assets

Background & Lifestyle Checks

Financial Status Reports

Pre-Employment Vetting

Due Diligence Reports

Internal Company Expense Claims

In most cases, initial financial investigations can lead to requiring asset investigation and potentially recovery in which we have extensive experience and knowledge.

Asset Investigation & Recovery

The most common request for asset investigation can be in regards to a divorce proceeding or financial dispute. In these situations, attempts will be made to hide the individuals true worth from the claimant to evade paying high sums or have assets seized.

Financial institutions may require an asset investigation following an initial financial investigation to try and recovery debts from bad debtors. Finding where assets are located and their true valuation can alter the course of any civil proceedings. Our asset investigation service can offer the following:

Establishing the extent of deceit in non-disclosure matters (typically divorce matters).

Identifying the owner of luxury items.

Locating properties owned by the subject of investigation and establishing their value.

Tracing missing funds.

Financial Crime.

Evaluating the true worth of offshore held assets checking on spending lifestyle patterns.

All of our services are undertaken in the strictest of confidence and we operate inside of the law. If you are interested in any of our work please feel free to contact us for a consultation.