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Polygraph Examinations
A polygraph is a generic name for an instrument which is frequently called a "lie detector". In fact the polygraph does not record directly whether a person is lying or not, but records very accurately changes which take place in the body during stress, the physiological changes which occur when a person lies are measured.

Polygraph examinations are commonly used during criminal investigations and to check for marital infidelity. The readings from a polygraph examination can lead to an investigator into different areas to look at based on the individual not being totally truthful about their actions.

We offer professional polygraph examinations and explain the results to you.
Polygraph examinations are only carried out with the full consent of the subject. All questions are fully explained before the test. Trick questions are never inserted. The use of the polygraph is far more established in the USA but its acceptance in the UK continues to increase. It can be used in many areas:

Pre Employment Screening

Theft Investigations

Company Fraud Investigations

Marital Infidelity Checks

Confirmation of Innocence

Although polygraph test results may not convict the guilty in a court of law, the results are often used to confirm innocence rather than to establish guilt and can help to dispel the very unpleasant aura of suspicion.